In the lectures of the Parallel-Course / Training Ground II., during four semesters we were occupied with two themes that compliment each other:

a) The theory and practice of Intermedia , as theory.

b) The theory and practice of Anatomical Immortality , as practice.

a) By considering every named as a medium, Intermedia is the name of nameless reality. This sphere of existence, the "infinitesimal* infra-thin" line of intersection between the named, that is the media - all the manifested - , is the base of possibilities, the base of change. Taking the word "medium" in a narrower sense, as an artistic communication tool, intermedia is involved in the area that falls outside the areas covered by the media. Here all such names are found that define the media with broader meaning: the non-artistic media and consequently their nameless, intermedial sphere also, as mentioned above.

* arbitrarily small; tending to Zero beyond all limits

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